Illustrations & Arts

Art & design makes me who I am



I do illustrations to express my love for my favorite things in my life.

I adopted a dog 2 years ago, since then this little animal became my favorite thing in the world. I named him Wifi and I particularly love his fancy hair, so I decided to make a profile picture for him, along with some of his best friends, a poodle and a shiba.

I am a fan of material design, so I did a quick study on the material icon grid.

I love travel, and Amsterdam is one of my favorite cities I have ever been. So, I created some illustrations to express my love for this place.


I have a lot of succulents at home. And I love sweets, I mean, who doesn’t?

Fine Arts

I had years of fine arts training. I like drawing oil painting because it keeps me calm. I love the serenity in it.

“Monet” 2014.3.14 Oil on Canvas 24’x 18′

“Monet 2″ 2013.12.20 Oil on Canvas 18’x 11′


I love travel, my drawing diary is my way of recording the wonderful moments in my life.




I also do sketches for people. Sometimes I charge a small fee for drawing portraits and I donate all the money to charities. I particularly love drawing with marker on the white board or paper, it is kinda my thing, I am in favor of these thick strokes.