Walmart - User Generated Content

I am responsible for designing all kinds of User Generated Content(UGC) for all screen size, including Customer Reviews, Customer Q&A, Third Party Videos, etc.

  • Date 2015.1-2016.9


We heard our customers saying this quite often:

I only trust customer reviews.

User Generated Content(UGC), which includes customer reviews, Q&A, third party videos .etc, are the key components for customer engagement, because these information gives our customers trust & authentication.

Generate Design Principles From User Research

Meaningful design principles are generated collaboratively with the user researchers.

Use Design Principles to Guide Through Iterations

Modular Thinking and Design Component

I always try to help our engineers to work faster and efficient. For responsive design, the high level information architecture helps our dev quickly understand how does each modules are placed for each break points. I also did a quick prototype that display different visual comps when browser’s size changes, along with the grid system. Our engineers love this prototype since they can get a quick view of how the responsive experience looks like in a glance!

Pair Design: The Sheriff & Deputy

I love pair design, and I call it “Sheriff and Deputy” system. So I am the sheriff designer of User Generated Content, and I always go to my deputy designer for brainstorming ideas and design critique. And I always provides multiple solutions to discuss with my deputy, analyze the pros and cons of each design explorations together.

Mobile First Responsive Design

When we design the responsive experience, we use mobile first approach, and extend the design to other screen size.