Oracle- Database Management

Design for enterprise applications. Projects includes Notifications, Tags, and Usage Visualization, etc. Skills used are interaction design, visual design, design thinking and user research.

  • Role Senior UX Designer
  • Date 2017.6 to 2018.1

Notification Center Design

Our users complaint that they received too much irrelevant emails and there are no ways for them to turn it off. They just want to focus on more important events.

So I did this notification center design project, trying to solve the pain points.

This new feature has 2 parts:

  1. Notification Setting allows user to manage their notifications to a good level of customization by changing frequency, delivery methods, environment and other functionalities.
  2. Notification Feeds provides a central location for users to read all the messages, so that they can identify and solve issues quickly and efficiently.

Idenfity User Needs from Persona

Persona are developed from legacy data and 5 user interviews, and utilized to understand user needs and prioritize product requirements.

Design Thinking Studio

I use design studios to collect ideas, and to engage engineers at a early design stage. I identify the common ideas from the sketches collected from the studio and turn them into basic wireframes.

Use Feedback to Drive the Iterative Process

I drive my design iterations with the feedback from the user research. In this way, design helps further refining the product requirements.

Modular Design

There are big amount of data we are dealing with, so it’s essential to treat each design as a component so we can utilize the standards format to process thousands of databases. Similar like LEGO, the modular design is scalable, replaceable, reusable, easy to test, quick to put together. The design component allow better configurations for each use case, it can present multiple types of information.

Create Templates to Improve UX Process

No matter it’s user research, or UX documentation, or visual design, I create templates that has basic information in a structured and standardized form. In this way, other designers can utilize the templates to create UX artifacts for their own story.

Design System

Consistent visual treatment makes dev development easier. Engineers are trained to use certain visual element for certain occasions, this saves time spending on spec and UXQA.

Be My Own User Researcher

I wasn’t trained to be a user researcher, so I just do the hard work. I wrote a super detail user testing plan, and I watched back the user testing video record again and again and take down notes of everyword user said. I use both Axure and Invision to create the prototypes. And I conduct the user testing with 5 participants distributed globally. I write up the research report and use the data to back up my design when debating with stakeholders.

Design Principle

Generate design principle from user research and business goal, and use it to guide the design.